Caringbah Inn

343 Port Hacking Road

Caringbah, NSW

Caringbah Inn, Caringbah. NSW

255 Known Gigs for Caringbah Inn

Date Band
Sunday 21st April 1985 Le Bop
Thursday 25th April 1985 Silent Types
Finger Guns Thursday 25th April 1985 Finger Guns
Friday 26th April 1985 Lighthouse Keepers
The Cockroaches Friday 26th April 1985 The Cockroaches
GANGgajang Saturday 27th April 1985 GANGgajang
Saturday 27th April 1985 Samurai Trash
Sunday 28th April 1985 Daytime Actors
Strange Tenants Sunday 28th April 1985 Strange Tenants
Wednesday 1st May 1985 Castles In Spain
Happy Hate Me Nots Wednesday 1st May 1985 Happy Hate Me Nots
Thursday 2nd May 1985 Bobby Sox
Friday 2nd August 1985 The Terry Halliday Band
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Friday 2nd August 1985 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
The Cockroaches Saturday 3rd August 1985 The Cockroaches
Saturday 3rd August 1985 Surprise! Surprise!
Choirboys Sunday 17th November 1985 Choirboys
Geisha Thursday 16th January 1986 Geisha
Geisha Wednesday 26th February 1986 Geisha
Kam Sha Friday 11th April 1986 Kam Sha
Kam Sha Thursday 1st May 1986 Kam Sha
Bandanna Friday 2nd May 1986 Bandanna
Cliche Friday 2nd May 1986 Cliche
Electric Pandas Sunday 4th May 1986 Electric Pandas
Kam Sha Saturday 17th May 1986 Kam Sha
Spy Vs Spy Friday 6th June 1986 Spy Vs Spy
Geisha Sunday 28th September 1986 Geisha
Geisha Friday 28th November 1986 Geisha
Redgum Friday 19th December 1986 Redgum
Pseudo Echo Monday 22nd December 1986 Pseudo Echo