Jimmy And The Boys

Jimmy And The Boys

Rock band from 1976 - 1982.

Jimmy And The Boys has 10 known members

Name Instruments Period
Ignatius Jones Ignatius Jones Vocals 1976 - 1982
Stephen Hall Guitar
Michael Parks Bass, Guitar
Barry Lytten Drums
Scott Johnson Drums
William O'Riordan aka Joylene Thornbird Hairmouth Keyboards
Danny Damjanovic Sax, Flute
Joseph Attullah aka Joe P Rick Guitar
Michael Vidale Bass
Rick Sutton Guitar

Jimmy And The Boys discography - 8 recordings

68 Known Gigs for Jimmy And The Boys

Date Venue City
Manly Vale Hotel, Manly Vale. NSW Saturday 19th September 1981 Manly Vale Hotel Manly Vale, NSW
Monday 21st September 1981 Grainstore Tavern Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 22nd September 1981 Eureka Hotel Geelong, VIC
Prospect Hill Hotel, Kew. VIC Wednesday 23rd September 1981 Prospect Hill Hotel Kew, VIC
Thursday 24th September 1981 Armidale Hotel Melbourne, VIC
Friday 25th September 1981 Village Green Hotel Mulgrave, VIC
Saturday 26th September 1981 Sentimental Bloke Bulleen, VIC
War and Peace, Parramatta. NSW Thursday 13th May 1982 War and Peace Parramatta, NSW