Manly Vale Hotel

250 Condamine St

Manly Vale, NSW

Manly Vale Hotel, Manly Vale. NSW

197 Known Gigs for Manly Vale Hotel

Date Band
Mississippi Friday 29th December 1972 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 30th December 1972 Mississippi
Mississippi Sunday 31st December 1972 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 10th February 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Friday 13th April 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 14th April 1973 Mississippi
Friday 1st June 1973 Peter Knox’s New Improved 69ers
Mississippi Saturday 16th June 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Friday 26th October 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 27th October 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Friday 28th December 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 29th December 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Monday 31st December 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Sunday 6th January 1974 Mississippi
Finch/Contraband Friday 28th February 1975 Finch/Contraband
Finch/Contraband Saturday 1st March 1975 Finch/Contraband
AC/DC Friday 9th May 1975 AC/DC
AC/DC Saturday 10th May 1975 AC/DC
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Friday 1st August 1975 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Saturday 2nd August 1975 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)

Early show.

Saturday 2nd August 1975 Tolepuddle
Cold Chisel Friday 28th January 1977 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Saturday 29th January 1977 Cold Chisel
Johnny Dole & The Scabs Saturday 27th August 1977 Johnny Dole & The Scabs

Supported by: The Leftovers

Saturday 27th August 1977 The Leftovers
Cold Chisel Friday 23rd September 1977 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Saturday 25th February 1978 Cold Chisel
Skyhooks Saturday 11th March 1978 Skyhooks

With Dave Warner

Skyhooks Friday 28th April 1978 Skyhooks
Cold Chisel Saturday 13th May 1978 Cold Chisel