Sylvania Hotel

Sylvania Hotel, Sylvania. NSW 246 Gigs

Sylvania, NSW

246 Known Gigs for Sylvania Hotel

Date Band
Skyhooks Thursday 1st March 1979 Skyhooks
Cold Chisel Thursday 15th March 1979 Cold Chisel
Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Wednesday 21st March 1979 Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs
Cold Chisel Thursday 17th May 1979 Cold Chisel
Skyhooks Friday 13th July 1979 Skyhooks
INXS Thursday 26th July 1979 INXS
INXS Thursday 2nd August 1979 INXS
Cold Chisel Thursday 23rd August 1979 Cold Chisel
Icehouse Wednesday 5th September 1979 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)
Loaded Dice Thursday 13th September 1979 Loaded Dice
The Clones Thursday 13th September 1979 The Clones
Matt Finish Saturday 22nd September 1979 Matt Finish
Swanee Saturday 22nd September 1979 Swanee
Saturday 22nd September 1979 Stockade
Wednesday 26th September 1979 Fastbuck
The Clones Wednesday 26th September 1979 The Clones
INXS Thursday 11th October 1979 INXS
Friday 19th October 1979 Dallimore
The Clones Friday 19th October 1979 The Clones
Friday 19th October 1979 Headfirst
Mental As Anything Friday 2nd November 1979 Mental As Anything
The Lipstick Killers Friday 2nd November 1979 The Lipstick Killers
Loaded Dice Saturday 3rd November 1979 Loaded Dice
Rose Tattoo Friday 16th November 1979 Rose Tattoo
The Clones Friday 16th November 1979 The Clones

Late show.

Friday 16th November 1979 La Femme
Wednesday 28th November 1979 Headfirst
Mi-Sex Thursday 6th December 1979 Mi-Sex
Friday 7th December 1979 The Automatix
Icehouse Friday 7th December 1979 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)