Here is a selection of gigs for Thursday the 25th of April

Thursday the 25th of April 1974

  • Hordern Pavillion, Moore Park. NSW - Home, The La De Das, The Stevie Wright Band, and Daddy Cool

Thursday the 25th of April 1985

  • Arncliffe Hotel, Arncliffe. NSW - Cliche
  • Cambridge Tavern, Fairfield. NSW - Trader
  • Caringbah Inn, Caringbah. NSW - Finger Guns and Silent Types
  • Dee Why Hotel, Dee Why. NSW - Promote The Bun and The Johnnys
  • Eastwood Hotel, Eastwood. NSW - Party Girls
  • Hotel Manly, Manly. NSW - The Layabouts
  • Jaggers, West Ryde. NSW - Strange Tenants
  • Macquarie University, Macquarie Park. NSW - Mustard Club
  • Marble Bar, Sydney. NSW - Torrid Zone
  • Piccadilly Hotel, Kings Cross. NSW - Fat Time
  • Riverwood Hotel, Riverwood. NSW - Samurai Trash and The Cockroaches
  • Rose Of Australia Hotel, Erskineville. NSW - The Eddys
  • Royal Hotel, Bondi. NSW - The Quiet Life
  • Shanney's, Hurstville. NSW - Mister Sister
  • St Leonards Tavern, Sydney. NSW - Coup De Grace
  • Stardust Hotel aka Sweethearts, Cabramatta. NSW - Full Marks and Mondo Rock
  • The Manzil Room, Kings Cross. NSW - Radio Red and Ega Ninja's
  • The Tivoli, Sydney. NSW - Tough Luxury, Forever Fifteen, and Rose Tattoo
  • White House Inn, Kingsford. NSW - The In Crowd
  • Yugal Soccer Club, Haymarket. NSW - Not Drowning Waving, The Three Musketeers, and The Moodists

Thursday the 25th of April 1991

  • Rock On Main, Blacktown. NSW - The Last Stand
  • Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane. QLD - INXS
  • Melbourne Palace, Melbourne. VIC - The Church
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Harry went on to play in Australian Crawl who had an album called Boys Light Up. That album was produced by David Briggs who was a guitarist in Little River Band. LRB had a drummer called Derek Pellici who was once in Blackfeather which also featured a bass player called... Harry Brus.

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