Swanee has 18 known members

Name Instruments Period
John Swan John Swan Vocals 1978 - 1990
Peter McFarlane Peter McFarlane Drums 1979 - 1979
Greg Plimmer Drums 1980 - 1980
Peter Kekel Peter Kekel Keyboards 1980 - 1980
Stuart Fraser Stuart Fraser Guitar 1982 - 1982
Mark Evans Mark Evans Bass 1982 - 1982
Mark Tinson Mark Tinson Guitar 1983 -
Peter Heckenberg Drums 1987 - 1987
Mick Cocks Mick Cocks Guitar 1991 - 1991
Paul DeMarco Paul DeMarco Drums 1991 - 1991
Vic Young Vic Young Bass 1991 - 1991
Harvey James Harvey James Guitar
Peter Northcott Keyboards, Sax
Andy Cichon Andy Cichon Bass
John Lalor Drums
Ben Little Ben Little Vocals, Guitar
Taya Verkuil Bass
Bruno Renzella Guitar

Swanee discography - 12 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Crazy Dreams by Swanee Crazy Dreams
Single 1979 01/10/79 68
Into The Night by Swanee Into The Night
Album 1980 27/10/80 66
If I Were A Carpenter by Swanee If I Were A Carpenter
Single 1981 17/08/81 5
Single 1982 18/01/82 90
Temporary Heartache by Swanee Temporary Heartache
Single 1982 10/05/82 18
This Time It's Different by Swanee This Time It's Different
Album 1982 14/06/82 22
Lady What's Your Name by Swanee Lady What's Your Name
Single 1982 16/08/82 13
Sail Away by Swanee Sail Away
Single 1983 22/08/83 52
Ready For Action by Swanee Ready For Action
Album 1983 07/11/83 31
I'm Ready by Swanee I'm Ready
Single 1984 17/09/84 72
Days Gone By by Swanee Days Gone By
Album 1984 12/11/84 52
Bushido by Swanee Bushido
Album 1985 29/04/85 73

46 Known Gigs for Swanee

Date Venue City
Riverwood Hotel, Riverwood. NSW Friday 23rd February 1979 Riverwood Hotel Riverwood, NSW
Civic Hotel, Sydney. NSW Wednesday 7th March 1979 Civic Hotel Sydney, NSW
Bondi Lifesaver, Bondi Junction. NSW Friday 11th May 1979 Bondi Lifesaver Bondi Junction, NSW
Bondi Lifesaver, Bondi Junction. NSW Sunday 13th May 1979 Bondi Lifesaver Bondi Junction, NSW
Sylvania Hotel, Sylvania. NSW Saturday 22nd September 1979 Sylvania Hotel Sylvania, NSW
Castle Hill Showground, Castle Hill. NSW Sunday 30th September 1979 Castle Hill Showground Castle Hill, NSW
Friday 2nd November 1979 Railway Hotel Liverpool, NSW
Family Inn, Rydalmere. NSW Saturday 3rd November 1979 Family Inn Rydalmere, NSW
War and Peace, Parramatta. NSW Sunday 4th November 1979 War and Peace Parramatta, NSW
Padstow Park Hotel, Padstow. NSW Tuesday 6th November 1979 Padstow Park Hotel Padstow, NSW
Thursday 8th November 1979 Sturt CAE Adelaide, SA
Wednesday 14th November 1979 Raffles Hotel Applecross, WA
Thursday 15th November 1979 Dianella Hotel Dianella, WA
Friday 16th November 1979 City Hotel Perth, WA
Family Inn, Rydalmere. NSW Tuesday 15th January 1980 Family Inn

+ Bon Scott & Jimmy Barnes

Rydalmere, NSW
Thursday 17th January 1980 Jolly Frog Hotel Windsor, NSW
Family Inn, Rydalmere. NSW Saturday 1st March 1980 Family Inn Rydalmere, NSW
Sylvania Hotel, Sylvania. NSW Friday 14th March 1980 Sylvania Hotel Sylvania, NSW
Stagedoor Tavern, Sydney. NSW Friday 11th April 1980 Stagedoor Tavern Sydney, NSW
Sylvania Hotel, Sylvania. NSW Friday 14th November 1980 Sylvania Hotel Sylvania, NSW
Bexley North Hotel, Bexley North. NSW Friday 28th November 1980 Bexley North Hotel Bexley North, NSW
Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW Wednesday 21st January 1981 Comb and Cutter Hotel Blacktown, NSW
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne. VIC Friday 27th February 1981 Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne, VIC
Tanelorn Music Festival, Stroud. NSW Monday 5th October 1981 Tanelorn Music Festival Stroud, NSW
Bayview Tavern, Gladesville. NSW Friday 13th November 1981 Bayview Tavern Gladesville, NSW
Saturday 4th December 1982 Hells Angels Club Broadford, VIC
Bankstown Sports Club, Bankstown. NSW Friday 6th May 1983 Bankstown Sports Club Bankstown, NSW
Wednesday 13th July 1983 Greenfield Tavern Greenfield Park, NSW
Caringbah Inn, Caringbah. NSW Sunday 17th July 1983 Caringbah Inn Caringbah, NSW
Bluegum Hotel, Waitara. NSW Tuesday 19th July 1983 Bluegum Hotel Waitara, NSW