Sylvania Hotel

Sylvania, NSW

Sylvania Hotel, Sylvania. NSW

222 Known Gigs for Sylvania Hotel

Date Band
Friday 13th August 1982 Boss
Avion Saturday 28th August 1982 Avion
Rose Tattoo Saturday 28th August 1982 Rose Tattoo
INXS Friday 17th September 1982 INXS
Heaven Saturday 2nd October 1982 Heaven
Avion Friday 22nd October 1982 Avion
INXS Saturday 23rd October 1982 INXS
Saturday 6th November 1982 The Noise
The Saints Saturday 6th November 1982 The Saints
Avion Saturday 20th November 1982 Avion
Friday 10th December 1982 Hoi Polloi
The Triffids Friday 10th December 1982 The Triffids
Machinations Friday 10th December 1982 Machinations
Redgum Saturday 11th December 1982 Redgum
Saturday 11th December 1982 Raglan Road
The Church Friday 21st January 1983 The Church
Mad Gorilla Saturday 22nd January 1983 Mad Gorilla
Dynamic Hepnotics Sunday 23rd January 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Church Friday 28th January 1983 The Church
Goanna Saturday 29th January 1983 Goanna
Sunday 30th January 1983 Cocky Laura
Divinyls Friday 4th February 1983 Divinyls
Choirboys Friday 4th February 1983 Choirboys
Friday 11th February 1983 Boss
Avion Friday 11th February 1983 Avion
Dee Minor and The Dischords Sunday 13th February 1983 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Rupert B Sunday 13th February 1983 Rupert B
Saturday 2nd July 1983 Boss
Saturday 2nd July 1983 The Beast
Russell Morris Sunday 3rd July 1983 Russell Morris