Sylvania Hotel

Sylvania, NSW

Sylvania Hotel, Sylvania. NSW

222 Known Gigs for Sylvania Hotel

Date Band
Friday 7th November 1980 The Elks

Late show.

The Hitmen Friday 7th November 1980 The Hitmen
Jimmy And The Boys Friday 7th November 1980 Jimmy And The Boys
Sherbet Saturday 8th November 1980 Sherbet

as The Sherbs

Saturday 8th November 1980 Dallimore
The Church Saturday 8th November 1980 The Church
Goldrush Wednesday 12th November 1980 Goldrush
Thursday 13th November 1980 The Heroes
Ward 13 Thursday 13th November 1980 Ward 13
Swanee Friday 14th November 1980 Swanee
Boys Friday 14th November 1980 Boys
Friday 14th November 1980 Handsoff
Saturday 15th November 1980 The Brix
Icehouse Saturday 15th November 1980 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)

As Flowers

Goldrush Wednesday 19th November 1980 Goldrush
Thursday 20th November 1980 Handsoff
Kevin Borich Express Friday 21st November 1980 Kevin Borich Express

+ Dutch Tilders

Friday 21st November 1980 Short Circuit
Saturday 22nd November 1980 Speed Limit
The Church Saturday 22nd November 1980 The Church
Outline Saturday 22nd November 1980 Outline
INXS Thursday 11th December 1980 INXS
Goldrush Wednesday 24th December 1980 Goldrush
The Lonely Hearts Wednesday 31st December 1980 The Lonely Hearts

Late Show

The Lonely Hearts Friday 6th February 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Jimmy And The Boys Saturday 28th March 1981 Jimmy And The Boys
Divinyls Thursday 30th April 1981 Divinyls
Dynamic Hepnotics Friday 1st May 1981 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 2nd May 1981 The Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Friday 10th July 1981 The Lonely Hearts