Penrith Leagues Club

66 Gigs

Penrith, NSW

66 Known Gigs for Penrith Leagues Club

Date Band
Tuesday 19th July 1983 Zipps

Supporting Suzi Quatro.

Birds Of Prey Friday 22nd July 1983 Birds Of Prey
Birds Of Prey Saturday 23rd July 1983 Birds Of Prey
Swanee Sunday 24th July 1983 Swanee
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Saturday 30th July 1983 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Redgum Sunday 31st July 1983 Redgum
Saturday 6th August 1983 Vicky O'Keefe Band
Sunday 7th August 1983 Black Haven
Sharon O'Neill Sunday 14th August 1983 Sharon O'Neill
Mother Goose Friday 19th August 1983 Mother Goose
Peculiar Clerk Friday 26th August 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Friday 18th November 1983 Bel Aires
Lightning Rock Friday 16th December 1983 Lightning Rock
 Little River Band Sunday 22nd January 1984 Little River Band
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Saturday 26th May 1984 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)

Roadworks Cafe

Friday 5th October 1984 Black Haven
 Little River Band Saturday 9th February 1985 Little River Band
Bandanna Friday 8th March 1985 Bandanna
Saturday 20th April 1985 Fat Time
Mad Gorilla Saturday 27th April 1985 Mad Gorilla
Sunday 28th April 1985 Non Stop Dancers
Sunday 28th April 1985 The Promise
Bandanna Friday 12th July 1985 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 11th October 1985 Bandanna
Mad Gorilla Saturday 19th October 1985 Mad Gorilla
Bandanna Friday 29th November 1985 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 25th April 1986 Bandanna
The Beatnix Saturday 3rd October 1987 The Beatnix
The Booze Brothers Friday 1st April 1988 The Booze Brothers
Spy Vs Spy Sunday 10th April 1988 Spy Vs Spy