Comb and Cutter Hotel

Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW 160 Gigs

81 Kildare Road

Blacktown, NSW

160 Known Gigs for Comb and Cutter Hotel

Date Band
The Johnnys Friday 6th May 1983 The Johnnys
Lightning Rock Friday 8th July 1983 Lightning Rock
Friday 8th July 1983 Black Haven
Mandrake Friday 8th July 1983 Mandrake
Friday 15th July 1983 Boss
The Beast Friday 15th July 1983 The Beast
Friday 22nd July 1983 Snake
Friday 22nd July 1983 Biff O'Hara & The Highlights
Friday 5th August 1983 Black Haven
Friday 5th August 1983 Hijinx
Mandrake Friday 5th August 1983 Mandrake