Mental As Anything

Mental As Anything

Sydney based Rock band from 1976 - Present

Mental As Anything has 17 known members

Name Instruments Period
Greedy Smith Greedy Smith Keyboards, Vocals, Harmonica 1976 -
Martin Plaza Martin Plaza Vocals, Guitar 1976 -
David Twohill aka Wayne "Bird" Delisle Drums 1976 - 2004
Reg Mombassa Guitar, Vocals 1976 - 2000
Steve Coburn Bass 1976 - 1977
Peter O'Doherty Bass, Vocals 1977 - 2000
Mike Gubb Keyboards 1986 - 1987
David Barraclough Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards 2000 - 2012
Murray Cook Guitar 2000 - 2002
Mike Caen Guitar 2002 - 2013
Robbie Souter Robbie Souter Drums 2005 - 2017
Jacob Cook Drums 2011 -
Zoltan Budai Bass 2012 - 2015
Martin Cilia Martin Cilia Guitar, Vocals 2014 -
Craig Gordon Guitar, Vocals 2015 -
James Gillard James Gillard Bass 2015 - 2017
Peter Gray Bass, Vocals 2017 -

Mental As Anything discography - 35 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
The Nips Are Getting Bigger by Mental As Anything The Nips Are Getting Bigger
Single 1979 23/07/79 16
Get Wet by Mental As Anything Get Wet
Album 1979 12/11/79 19
Possible Theme For A Future TV Drama Series by Mental As Anything Possible Theme For A Future TV Drama Series
Single 1979 24/12/79 57
Come Around by Mental As Anything Come Around
Single 1980 16/06/80 18
Espresso Bongo by Mental As Anything Espresso Bongo
Album 1980 21/07/80 37
(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet by Mental As Anything (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
Single 1980 01/12/80 27
Egypt B/W Pork Is Not A Gift by Mental As Anything Egypt B/W Pork Is Not A Gift
Single 1980
If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too? by Mental As Anything If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?
Single 1981 25/05/81 4
Too Many Times by Mental As Anything Too Many Times
Single 1981 07/09/81 6
Cats And Dogs by Mental As Anything Cats And Dogs
Album 1981 21/09/81 3
Berserk Warriors by Mental As Anything Berserk Warriors
Single 1981 14/12/81 30
Let's Cook by Mental As Anything Let's Cook
Single 1981
I Didn't Mean To Be Mean by Mental As Anything I Didn't Mean To Be Mean
Single 1982 30/08/82 25
Close Again by Mental As Anything Close Again
Single 1982 06/12/82 55
Creatures Of Leisure by Mental As Anything Creatures Of Leisure
Album 1983 04/04/83 8
Spirit Got Lost by Mental As Anything Spirit Got Lost
Single 1983 11/04/83 20
Brain Brain by Mental As Anything Brain Brain
Single 1983 27/06/83 82
Working For The Man by Mental As Anything Working For The Man
Single 1983 21/11/83 20
Apocalypso (Wiping The Smile Off Santa's Face) by Mental As Anything Apocalypso (Wiping The Smile Off Santa's Face)
Single 1984 10/12/84 37
You're So Strong by Mental As Anything You're So Strong
Single 1985 25/03/85 11
Fundamental As Anything by Mental As Anything Fundamental As Anything
Album 1985 08/04/85 3
Live It Up by Mental As Anything Live It Up
Single 1985 03/06/85 2
Date With Destiny by Mental As Anything Date With Destiny
Single 1985 09/09/85 25
Big Wheel by Mental As Anything Big Wheel
Single 1985 02/12/85 75
Greatest Hits Volume 1 by Mental As Anything Greatest Hits Volume 1
Album 1986 21/04/86 2
Let's Go To Paradise by Mental As Anything Let's Go To Paradise
Single 1986 10/11/86 15
Sloppy Croc by Mental As Anything Sloppy Croc
Single 1986
He's Just No Good For You by Mental As Anything He's Just No Good For You
Single 1987 13/07/87 15
Mouth To Mouth by Mental As Anything Mouth To Mouth
Album 1987 03/08/87 14
Don't Tell Me Now by Mental As Anything Don't Tell Me Now
Single 1987 28/09/87 36
Love Me Tender by Mental As Anything Love Me Tender
Single 1987 21/12/87 34
Rock And Roll Music by Mental As Anything Rock And Roll Music
Single 1988 03/12/88 6
The World Seems Difficult by Mental As Anything The World Seems Difficult
Single 1988 21/08/89 22
Cyclone Raymond by Mental As Anything Cyclone Raymond
Album 1989 02/10/89 38
Baby You're Wild
Single 1989 13/11/89 75

111 Known Gigs for Mental As Anything

Date Venue City
Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW Wednesday 28th May 1980 Comb and Cutter Hotel Blacktown, NSW
Thursday 29th May 1980 Forest Inn Bexley, NSW
Bondi Lifesaver, Bondi Junction. NSW Friday 30th May 1980 Bondi Lifesaver Bondi Junction, NSW
Saturday 31st May 1980 Vicar Of Wakefield Hotel Dural, NSW
Chequers, Sydney. NSW Saturday 28th June 1980 Chequers Sydney, NSW
Saturday 30th August 1980 Capitol Theatre Sydney, NSW
Princess Theatre, Melbourne. VIC Saturday 25th October 1980 Princess Theatre Melbourne, VIC
Cloudland Dance Hall, Bowen Hills. QLD Friday 13th February 1981 Cloudland Dance Hall Bowen Hills, QLD
Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW Wednesday 18th February 1981 Comb and Cutter Hotel Blacktown, NSW
Sunday 16th August 1981 Festival Hall

3XY & Coca Cola Under 18's show.

West Melbourne, VIC
Jump Club, Collingwood. VIC Thursday 21st January 1982 Jump Club Collingwood, VIC
Friday 22nd January 1982 Club Chevron Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 23rd January 1982 Commodore Hotel Sandringham, VIC
Sunday 24th January 1982 Pier Hotel Frankston, VIC
The Venue, St Kilda. VIC Saturday 3rd April 1982 The Venue St Kilda, VIC
Wednesday 28th April 1982 San Remo Ballroom Carlton, VIC
Ferntree Gully Hotel, Ferntree Gully. VIC Friday 30th April 1982 Ferntree Gully Hotel Ferntree Gully, VIC
Saturday 1st May 1982 Tarmac Hotel Laverton, VIC
Council Club Hotel - aka Ritchies Nitespot, Preston. VIC Thursday 12th August 1982 Council Club Hotel - aka Ritchies Nitespot Preston, VIC
Bombay Rock, Brunswick. VIC Friday 13th August 1982 Bombay Rock Brunswick, VIC
Saturday 14th August 1982 Sentimental Bloke Bulleen, VIC
Macy's - Her Majesty's Hotel, South Yarra. VIC Sunday 15th August 1982 Macy's - Her Majesty's Hotel South Yarra, VIC
Caringbah Inn, Caringbah. NSW Friday 24th September 1982 Caringbah Inn Caringbah, NSW
Friday 21st January 1983 Tathra Hotel Tathra, NSW
Narara Music Festival, Somersby. NSW Saturday 29th January 1983 Narara Music Festival Somersby, NSW
Saturday 23rd April 1983 Noosa Picnic Race Track Noosa, QLD
Friday 15th July 1983 Refectory – Sydney University Sydney, NSW
Friday 5th August 1983 Macquarie University Macquarie Park, NSW
The Venue, St Kilda. VIC Friday 6th January 1984 The Venue St Kilda, VIC
Saturday 7th January 1984 Manhattan Hotel Ringwood, VIC