Forest Inn

16 Gigs

Bexley, NSW

16 Known Gigs for Forest Inn

Date Band
The Clones Thursday 19th July 1979 The Clones
The Clones Thursday 10th January 1980 The Clones
Wednesday 6th February 1980 Street Level
Jimmy And The Boys Thursday 7th February 1980 Jimmy And The Boys
Ward 13 Thursday 7th February 1980 Ward 13
Friday 8th February 1980 The Automatix
Saturday 9th February 1980 Room Service
INXS Thursday 21st February 1980 INXS
Icehouse Thursday 29th May 1980 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)
Mental As Anything Thursday 29th May 1980 Mental As Anything
Outline Thursday 12th June 1980 Outline
INXS Thursday 26th June 1980 INXS
Dee Minor and The Dischords Wednesday 24th December 1980 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Saturday 17th December 1983 Bronx
Friday 2nd October 1987 Beathaven
Black Label Saturday 25th October 2003 Black Label