Sydney Cove Tavern

Circular Quay, NSW

Sydney Cove Tavern, Circular Quay. NSW

131 Known Gigs for Sydney Cove Tavern

Date Band
Saturday 20th August 1983 Non Stop Dancers
Saturday 20th August 1983 The Champions
Dropbears Saturday 27th August 1983 Dropbears
Matt Finish Saturday 27th August 1983 Matt Finish
Saturday 27th August 1983 The Tribe
Saturday 27th August 1983 The Agents
The Zarsoff Brothers Friday 9th September 1983 The Zarsoff Brothers
Saturday 10th September 1983 Wolfgang
Saturday 10th September 1983 Private Lives
Saturday 10th September 1983 Pel Mel
The Triffids Saturday 10th September 1983 The Triffids
Dynamic Hepnotics Saturday 8th October 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
Saturday 3rd December 1983 Game Keepers
Matt Finish Saturday 3rd December 1983 Matt Finish
Saturday 10th December 1983 Soggy Porridge
Saturday 10th December 1983 Wolfgang
Strange Tenants Saturday 10th December 1983 Strange Tenants
Dropbears Saturday 10th December 1983 Dropbears
Friday 16th December 1983 The Accessories
Saturday 17th December 1983 Forever Fifteen
Saturday 17th December 1983 Groove Yard
Hoodoo Gurus Saturday 17th December 1983 Hoodoo Gurus
Spy Vs Spy Saturday 17th December 1983 Spy Vs Spy
Phil Emmanuel Saturday 6th October 1984 Phil Emmanuel
The Venetians Saturday 12th April 1986 The Venetians
Kam Sha Saturday 19th April 1986 Kam Sha
Spy Vs Spy Saturday 28th June 1986 Spy Vs Spy
Geisha Saturday 9th August 1986 Geisha
The Cockroaches Friday 29th August 1986 The Cockroaches
Wa Wa Nee Saturday 6th December 1986 Wa Wa Nee