Royal Antler Hotel

Royal Antler Hotel, Narrabeen. NSW 170 Gigs

Narrabeen, NSW

170 Known Gigs for Royal Antler Hotel

Date Band
Dynamic Hepnotics Saturday 29th October 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Cockroaches Friday 18th November 1983 The Cockroaches
Electric Pandas Friday 18th November 1983 Electric Pandas
The Little Heroes Friday 9th December 1983 The Little Heroes
Goanna Saturday 10th December 1983 Goanna
Q.E.D. Saturday 10th December 1983 Q.E.D.
Rose Tattoo Sunday 11th December 1983 Rose Tattoo
Sunday 11th December 1983 Bobby Sox
Dropbears Friday 16th December 1983 Dropbears
The Debutantes Friday 16th December 1983 The Debutantes
Q.E.D. Saturday 17th December 1983 Q.E.D.

Supporting Canned Heat

Sunday 18th December 1983 Bobby Sox
Electric Pandas Sunday 18th December 1983 Electric Pandas
The Celibate Rifles Saturday 31st December 1983 The Celibate Rifles
Died Pretty Saturday 31st December 1983 Died Pretty
Saturday 31st December 1983 Wet Taxis
Uncanny X Men Thursday 26th January 1984 Uncanny X Men
Sunnyboys Thursday 26th January 1984 Sunnyboys
Saturday 6th October 1984 The Bruce Band
Saturday 31st May 1986 Final Image