Royal Antler Hotel

Royal Antler Hotel, Narrabeen. NSW 170 Gigs

Narrabeen, NSW

170 Known Gigs for Royal Antler Hotel

Date Band
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 13th September 1980 The Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Friday 10th October 1980 The Lonely Hearts

Early Show

Moving Pictures Tuesday 4th November 1980 Moving Pictures
Boys Friday 7th November 1980 Boys
Moving Pictures Tuesday 11th November 1980 Moving Pictures
The Lonely Hearts Friday 12th December 1980 The Lonely Hearts
Cold Chisel Tuesday 30th December 1980 Cold Chisel
Wednesday 31st December 1980 The Rams
Rose Tattoo Wednesday 31st December 1980 Rose Tattoo
Kevin Borich Wednesday 31st December 1980 Kevin Borich
Moving Pictures Tuesday 20th January 1981 Moving Pictures
Friday 23rd January 1981 Street Level
Swanee Friday 23rd January 1981 Swanee
Rose Tattoo Saturday 24th January 1981 Rose Tattoo
INXS Saturday 31st January 1981 INXS
The Swingers Tuesday 17th March 1981 The Swingers
Tuesday 17th March 1981 The Civilians
Friday 20th March 1981 Asio
Rose Tattoo Saturday 21st March 1981 Rose Tattoo
Friday 22nd May 1981 Sardine v
Jimmy And The Boys Friday 22nd May 1981 Jimmy And The Boys
Saturday 23rd May 1981 The Rams
INXS Friday 16th October 1981 INXS
Billy Thorpe Saturday 17th October 1981 Billy Thorpe
Midnight Oil Saturday 20th February 1982 Midnight Oil
Cold Chisel Friday 12th March 1982 Cold Chisel
Rupert B Friday 19th November 1982 Rupert B
The Lonely Hearts Thursday 2nd December 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Friday 10th December 1982 The Naturals
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Friday 10th December 1982 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)