Kardomah Cafe

Kardomah Cafe, Kings Cross. NSW 64 Gigs

22 Bayswater Rd

Kings Cross, NSW

64 Known Gigs for Kardomah Cafe

Date Band
The Lonely Hearts Sunday 3rd May 1981 The Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Sunday 7th June 1981 The Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Wednesday 8th July 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Geisha Sunday 10th August 1986 Geisha
Wednesday 13th August 1986 Non Stop Dancers
Dear Enemy Wednesday 3rd September 1986 Dear Enemy
Saturday 20th September 1986 John Justin & The Thunderwings
Geisha Friday 10th October 1986 Geisha
The Venetians Friday 17th October 1986 The Venetians
The Venetians Saturday 18th October 1986 The Venetians
Sunday 30th November 1986 John Justin & The Thunderwings
Monday 1st December 1986 Belly Dance
Monday 8th December 1986 Bell Jar
Wednesday 13th May 1987 Vindaloonies
Weddings Parties Anything Wednesday 13th May 1987 Weddings Parties Anything
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls Wednesday 13th May 1987 Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls
Sunday 4th October 1987 Flotsam Jetsam
Sunday 4th October 1987 John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong
The Reasons Why Wednesday 11th November 1987 The Reasons Why

Last Gig

Monday 29th February 1988 My Three Sons
Sunday 13th March 1988 Jeff Duff Orchestra
Flying Emus Tuesday 15th March 1988 Flying Emus
Tuesday 5th April 1988 Mighty Reapers Of Vengeance
The Screaming Tribesmen Friday 8th April 1988 The Screaming Tribesmen
Saturday 9th April 1988 The Rockmelons
Tuesday 12th April 1988 The Spliffs
Thursday 14th April 1988 Jeff Duff Orchestra
Saturday 14th January 1989 Falling Joys
Saturday 14th January 1989 Ups And Downs
Wednesday 18th January 1989 Voodoo Lust