Kardomah Cafe

Kardomah Cafe, Kings Cross. NSW 64 Gigs

22 Bayswater Rd

Kings Cross, NSW

64 Known Gigs for Kardomah Cafe

Date Band
The Screaming Tribesmen Wednesday 18th January 1989 The Screaming Tribesmen
Thursday 19th January 1989 Floyd Vincent and The Child Brides
Thursday 19th January 1989 Paul Burton
Friday 20th January 1989 The Wreckery
Friday 20th January 1989 Tall Shirts
Saturday 21st January 1989 The Wreckery
Saturday 21st January 1989 Tall Shirts
Monday 23rd January 1989 The Ludwigs
Monday 23rd January 1989 Sundogs
Machinations Tuesday 24th January 1989 Machinations
Tuesday 24th January 1989 Bucket
Thursday 26th January 1989 Tall Tales And True
Thursday 26th January 1989 These Future Kings
Wednesday 9th August 1989 Falling Joys
Wednesday 9th August 1989 The Benedicts
Thursday 10th August 1989 Crash Politics
Thursday 10th August 1989 Dopplegangers
Friday 11th August 1989 Straight Jacket Fits
Friday 11th August 1989 Even As We Speak
Saturday 12th August 1989 Blue Upmine
Saturday 12th August 1989 Straight Jacket Fits
Sunday 13th August 1989 Mighty Reapers Of Vengeance
Monday 14th August 1989 Paris Beat
Tuesday 15th August 1989 Cruise Control
Tuesday 15th August 1989 Foreign Body
Wednesday 16th August 1989 Food
Thursday 17th August 1989 NIck Barker & The Reptiles
Thursday 17th August 1989 Clayton Jonestown Band
New Christs Friday 18th August 1989 New Christs
Sunnyboys Saturday 19th August 1989 Sunnyboys