79 Goulburn Street

Sydney, NSW

Chequers, Sydney. NSW

Also known as "Rags" nightclub.

135 Known Gigs for Chequers

Date Band
Mississippi Saturday 30th December 1972 Mississippi
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Friday 2nd February 1973 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Mississippi Friday 9th February 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 31st March 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Saturday 16th June 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Monday 23rd July 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Tuesday 24th July 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Wednesday 25th July 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Thursday 26th July 1973 Mississippi
Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs Tuesday 4th December 1973 Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs
Tuesday 4th December 1973 Fair Dinkum
Wednesday 5th December 1973 Fair Dinkum
Thursday 6th December 1973 Fair Dinkum
The La De Das Friday 7th December 1973 The La De Das
AC/DC Monday 31st December 1973 AC/DC

Widely reported to be the bands first "real" gig.

Band Of Light Wednesday 5th June 1974 Band Of Light
AC/DC Wednesday 5th June 1974 AC/DC
AC/DC Thursday 6th June 1974 AC/DC
Band Of Light Thursday 6th June 1974 Band Of Light
Hot City Bump Band Friday 7th June 1974 Hot City Bump Band
Friday 7th June 1974 Siren
The Stevie Wright Band Saturday 8th June 1974 The Stevie Wright Band
AC/DC Saturday 8th June 1974 AC/DC
Chain Monday 10th June 1974 Chain
Buster Brown Monday 10th June 1974 Buster Brown
Buster Brown Tuesday 11th June 1974 Buster Brown
Chain Tuesday 11th June 1974 Chain
AC/DC Wednesday 26th February 1975 AC/DC
AC/DC Thursday 27th February 1975 AC/DC
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Monday 3rd March 1975 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)