Bombay Rock

1 Pheonix St

Brunswick, VIC

Bombay Rock, Brunswick. VIC

156 Known Gigs for Bombay Rock

Date Band
Stockley See & Mason Saturday 27th January 1979 Stockley See & Mason
Stockley See & Mason Saturday 3rd February 1979 Stockley See & Mason
Stars Saturday 3rd February 1979 Stars
Kevin Borich Express Friday 9th February 1979 Kevin Borich Express
Saturday 10th February 1979 Mike Rudd's Instant Replay

Evening show.

Split Enz Friday 16th February 1979 Split Enz
Cold Chisel Friday 9th March 1979 Cold Chisel
Split Enz Sunday 11th March 1979 Split Enz
Skyhooks Friday 16th March 1979 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Sunday 25th March 1979 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Sunday 25th March 1979 Skyhooks

With Ross Hannaford & The Aliens

Ross Hannaford Sunday 25th March 1979 Ross Hannaford
The Aliens Sunday 25th March 1979 The Aliens
Skyhooks Thursday 12th April 1979 Skyhooks

With Paul Kelly & The Dots & The Aliens

Cold Chisel Friday 27th April 1979 Cold Chisel
Skyhooks Saturday 5th May 1979 Skyhooks

With Texas & Paul Kelly & The Dots

Skyhooks Friday 25th May 1979 Skyhooks

With Stars & The Aliens

Cold Chisel Friday 1st June 1979 Cold Chisel
Stockley See & Mason Thursday 14th June 1979 Stockley See & Mason
Mi-Sex Friday 15th June 1979 Mi-Sex
Dragon Friday 15th June 1979 Dragon
Saturday 16th June 1979 Western Flyer
Mondo Rock Saturday 16th June 1979 Mondo Rock
Paul Kelly and The Dots Saturday 16th June 1979 Paul Kelly and The Dots
 Little River Band Thursday 26th July 1979 Little River Band
Skyhooks Saturday 11th August 1979 Skyhooks
Cold Chisel Friday 28th September 1979 Cold Chisel
Thursday 13th December 1979 City
The Reels Thursday 13th December 1979 The Reels
The Clones Friday 14th December 1979 The Clones