Balmain Leagues Club

Balmain Leagues Club, Balmain. NSW 43 Gigs

Balmain, NSW

43 Known Gigs for Balmain Leagues Club

Date Band
Mississippi Friday 30th March 1973 Mississippi
Mississippi Friday 19th October 1973 Mississippi
Wednesday 11th June 1980 Damaged Goods
The Clones Friday 20th June 1980 The Clones
Goldrush Friday 8th July 1983 Goldrush
Friday 15th July 1983 Johnny Kannis & The Night Train
The Allniters Friday 5th August 1983 The Allniters
Machinations Friday 12th August 1983 Machinations
Uncanny X Men Friday 26th August 1983 Uncanny X Men
The Expression Friday 9th September 1983 The Expression
The Little Heroes Friday 30th September 1983 The Little Heroes
Dynamic Hepnotics Friday 7th October 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Zarsoff Brothers Friday 18th November 1983 The Zarsoff Brothers

Early show

Sunnyboys Friday 9th December 1983 Sunnyboys
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Friday 16th December 1983 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Pseudo Echo Sunday 15th January 1984 Pseudo Echo
Matt Finish Sunday 15th January 1984 Matt Finish
Sherbet Friday 9th March 1984 Sherbet
Uncanny X Men Friday 1st June 1984 Uncanny X Men
Sunday 3rd June 1984 Zipps
The Cockroaches Friday 8th June 1984 The Cockroaches
Sunday 10th June 1984 Zipps
The Hitmen Friday 15th June 1984 The Hitmen
The Screaming Tribesmen Friday 15th June 1984 The Screaming Tribesmen
Sunday 17th June 1984 Zipps
The Models Friday 22nd June 1984 The Models
Sunday 24th June 1984 Zipps
Swanee Friday 29th June 1984 Swanee
Party Girls Friday 12th October 1984 Party Girls
The Radiators Friday 19th October 1984 The Radiators