Monash University

Wellington Road

Clayton, VIC

22 Known Gigs for Monash University

Date Band
Mississippi Friday 22nd March 1974 Mississippi
Mississippi Wednesday 10th April 1974 Mississippi
Skyhooks Thursday 16th May 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Wednesday 7th May 1975 Skyhooks
 Little River Band Friday 27th June 1975 Little River Band
Skyhooks Wednesday 14th September 1977 Skyhooks

With Scandal

 Little River Band Tuesday 2nd May 1978 Little River Band
Le Club Foote Friday 16th March 1979 Le Club Foote
Mental As Anything Friday 16th March 1979 Mental As Anything
Friday 16th March 1979 Loo Nee Tunes
Paul Kelly and The Dots Friday 15th June 1979 Paul Kelly and The Dots
Hunters & Collectors Friday 2nd October 1981 Hunters & Collectors
The Allniters Friday 2nd May 1986 The Allniters
Hunters & Collectors Thursday 7th August 1986 Hunters & Collectors
Friday 3rd October 1986 Cattletruck
The Church Friday 3rd October 1986 The Church
The Screaming Tribesmen Friday 3rd October 1986 The Screaming Tribesmen
INXS Wednesday 21st April 1993 INXS
Weddings Parties Anything Thursday 16th September 1993 Weddings Parties Anything
Archie Roach Thursday 16th September 1993 Archie Roach
The Badloves Thursday 16th September 1993 The Badloves
Custard Thursday 16th September 1993 Custard