La Trobe University

28 Gigs

Bundoora, VIC

28 Known Gigs for La Trobe University

Date Band
Mississippi Friday 2nd March 1973 Mississippi
Skyhooks Friday 15th March 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Thursday 4th April 1974 Skyhooks

Black Liberation Benefit Concert

With The Millionaires, Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons & Captain Matchbox

Skyhooks Thursday 13th June 1974 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Wednesday 7th August 1974 Skyhooks

Union Building

 Little River Band Tuesday 22nd July 1975 Little River Band
 Little River Band Wednesday 23rd June 1976 Little River Band
Skyhooks Saturday 23rd October 1976 Skyhooks

The Total Eclipse Show

Skyhooks Wednesday 6th July 1977 Skyhooks
Cold Chisel Thursday 27th April 1978 Cold Chisel
 Little River Band Thursday 4th May 1978 Little River Band
Skyhooks Thursday 11th May 1978 Skyhooks

With The Sports

Cold Chisel Wednesday 6th September 1978 Cold Chisel
The Angels Thursday 13th September 1979 The Angels
Cold Chisel Wednesday 26th September 1979 Cold Chisel
INXS Thursday 10th July 1980 INXS

Early Show

INXS Thursday 18th March 1982 INXS
Cold Chisel Thursday 10th June 1982 Cold Chisel
Dynamic Hepnotics Thursday 24th June 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
Cold Chisel Tuesday 12th July 1983 Cold Chisel
Thursday 4th August 1983 No Fixed Address
Goanna Thursday 6th October 1983 Goanna
Thursday 6th October 1983 The Kevins
Thursday 6th October 1983 Doug MacDonald's DMB
Stephen Cummings Thursday 2nd May 1985 Stephen Cummings
Thursday 2nd May 1985 Non Stop Dancers
Thursday 2nd May 1985 Shower Scene From Psycho
Midnight Oil Saturday 15th August 1998 Midnight Oil