New Zealand based New Wave/Rock band from 1977 - 1985

Mi-Sex has 10 known members

Name Instruments Period
Don Martin Don Martin Bass/Vocals 1977 -
Kevin Stanton Kevin Stanton Guitar/Vocals 1977 -
Phil Smart Drums 1977 -
Alan Moon Keyboards 1977 -
Steve Gilpin Steve Gilpin Vocals 1977 - 1985
Paul Dunningham Drums 1981 -
Murray Burns Keyboards
Steve Osborne Drums
Richard Hodgkinson Drums
Steve Balbi Steve Balbi Vocals

Mi-Sex discography - 19 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Straight Laddie B/W High Class Dame by Mi-Sex Straight Laddie B/W High Class Dame
Single 1978
But You Don't Care by Mi-Sex But You Don't Care
Single 1979 02/07/79 25
Graffiti Crimes by Mi-Sex Graffiti Crimes
Album 1979 06/08/79 16
Computer Games by Mi-Sex Computer Games
Single 1979 15/10/79 1
People by Mi-Sex People
Single 1980 31/03/80 6
Space Race by Mi-Sex Space Race
Album 1980 02/06/80 5
Space Race B/W Living In September by Mi-Sex Space Race B/W Living In September
Single 1980 23/06/80 28
It Only Hurts When I'm Laughing B/W I Don't Know
Single 1980 06/10/80 84
Falling In And Out B/W Round And Round by Mi-Sex Falling In And Out B/W Round And Round
Single 1981 04/05/81 20
Shanghaied by Mi-Sex Shanghaied
Album 1981 02/11/81 28
Shanghaied B/W The Bend
Single 1981
Missing Person B/W Water by Mi-Sex Missing Person B/W Water
Single 1981
Castaway B/W Young Maniacs by Mi-Sex Castaway B/W Young Maniacs
Single 1982 14/06/82 23
Down The Line (Makin' Love On The Telephone) B/W Calling by Mi-Sex Down The Line (Makin' Love On The Telephone) B/W Calling
Single 1982 06/12/82 37
Lost Time B/W Antipodes Army by Mi-Sex Lost Time B/W Antipodes Army
Single 1982 20/06/83 57
Only Thinking B/W The Name Game by Mi-Sex Only Thinking B/W The Name Game
Single 1983 14/11/83 48
Where Do They Go? by Mi-Sex Where Do They Go?
Album 1983 21/11/83 80
Blue Day by Mi-Sex Blue Day
Single 1983 05/03/84 24
Five O'Clock (In The Morning) B/W Why Did You Leave
Single 1983

99 Known Gigs for Mi-Sex

Date Venue City
Saturday 16th August 1980 University of NSW

Baxter Ball

Sydney, NSW
Bondi Lifesaver, Bondi Junction. NSW Saturday 30th August 1980 Bondi Lifesaver Bondi Junction, NSW
Tuesday 16th December 1980 Riverina Australian Football Club Glenfield Park , NSW
Wednesday 17th December 1980 Wollongong Leagues Club Wollongong, NSW
Thursday 18th December 1980 Belmont 16ft Skiff Club Belmont, NSW
Manly Vale Hotel, Manly Vale. NSW Friday 19th December 1980 Manly Vale Hotel Manly Vale, NSW
Family Inn, Rydalmere. NSW Saturday 20th December 1980 Family Inn Rydalmere, NSW
Sunday 21st December 1980 Brighton Hotel Sydney, NSW
Hordern Pavillion, Moore Park. NSW Friday 20th March 1981 Hordern Pavillion Moore Park, NSW
Saturday 6th June 1981 Latrobe Union Hall Bundoora, VIC
Sylvania Hotel, Sylvania. NSW Thursday 3rd September 1981 Sylvania Hotel Sylvania, NSW
Sunday 20th September 1981 Festival Hall West Melbourne, VIC
Tanelorn Music Festival, Stroud. NSW Sunday 4th October 1981 Tanelorn Music Festival Stroud, NSW
Thursday 26th November 1981 Ingleburn RSL Club Ingleburn, NSW
Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW Friday 27th November 1981 Comb and Cutter Hotel Blacktown, NSW
Tuesday 15th December 1981 Tathra Hotel Tathra, NSW
Prospect Hill Hotel, Kew. VIC Tuesday 19th January 1982 Prospect Hill Hotel Kew, VIC
Saturday 23rd January 1982 Peninsula Gardens Rosebud, VIC
Friday 14th May 1982 Pier Hotel Frankston, VIC
Saturday 15th May 1982 Chevron Hotel Melbourne, VIC
Prospect Hill Hotel, Kew. VIC Sunday 16th May 1982 Prospect Hill Hotel Kew, VIC
Tuesday 18th May 1982 Ocean Grove Hotel Ocean Grove, VIC
Wednesday 19th May 1982 Waltzing Matilda Hotel Springvale, VIC
Thursday 20th May 1982 Cross Keys Hotel North Essendon, VIC
Friday 21st May 1982 Armadale Hotel Armadale, VIC
Bombay Rock, Brunswick. VIC Saturday 22nd May 1982 Bombay Rock Brunswick, VIC
Sunday 23rd May 1982 Waterloo Cup Hotel Moonee Ponds, VIC
Billboard, Melbourne. VIC Friday 11th June 1982 Billboard Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 12th June 1982 Commodore Hotel Sandringham, VIC
Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton. VIC Sunday 13th June 1982 Royal Exhibition Building Carlton, VIC