James Craig Tavern

11 Gigs

Birkenhead Point, NSW

AKA Rubbers

11 Known Gigs for James Craig Tavern

Date Band
Goldrush Wednesday 9th April 1980 Goldrush
The Clones Saturday 10th May 1980 The Clones
Thursday 6th September 1984 Guy Dickenson Band
Friday 7th September 1984 Sparkie & Mel
Saturday 8th September 1984 Deux Savage


Saturday 8th September 1984 Symer One


Sunday 9th September 1984 Hat Trick
Flying Emus Sunday 21st April 1985 Flying Emus
Flying Emus Sunday 28th April 1985 Flying Emus
Saturday 10th May 1986 Gondwanaland
Saturday 17th May 1986 Gondwanaland