Hopetoun Hotel

Surry Hills, NSW

70 Known Gigs for Hopetoun Hotel

Date Band
The Clones Tuesday 16th January 1979 The Clones
The Clones Tuesday 6th March 1979 The Clones
Sunday 3rd July 1983 The Champions
Sunday 10th July 1983 The Champions
Sunday 17th July 1983 Vulgar Beatmen
Sunday 7th August 1983 Vulgar Beatmen
Saturday 13th August 1983 Lighthouse Keepers
Sunday 14th August 1983 Magnetics
Saturday 20th August 1983 Painters and Dockers
Sunday 21st August 1983 Vulgar Beatmen
Sunday 28th August 1983 Vulgar Beatmen
Saturday 10th December 1983 The Living Daylights
Amazing Wooloomooloosers Wednesday 3rd October 1984 Amazing Wooloomooloosers
Amazing Wooloomooloosers Wednesday 17th October 1984 Amazing Wooloomooloosers
Friday 19th October 1984 Love Rodeo
Saturday 20th October 1984 Acid Drops
Saturday 20th October 1984 Spikes
Sunday 21st October 1984 Mighty Reapers Of Vengeance
The Johnnys Tuesday 23rd October 1984 The Johnnys

Daytime Show

Wednesday 24th October 1984 Milky Bar Kids
Friday 26th October 1984 John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong
Saturday 27th October 1984 Sea Monsters
Sunday 28th October 1984 Fat Time
Wednesday 31st October 1984 Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls
Friday 2nd November 1984 Mind Sweepers
Saturday 3rd November 1984 Salamander Jim
Sunday 4th November 1984 Wildcat Tamers
Tuesday 6th November 1984 Love Rodeo
Wednesday 7th November 1984 Milky Bar Kids
Friday 9th November 1984 Tin Gods Of Promise