Governor's Pleasure

Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney. NSW 128 Gigs

7 Circular Quay West

The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

128 Known Gigs for Governor's Pleasure

Date Band
Thursday 12th June 1980 The Traders
The Clones Tuesday 15th July 1980 The Clones
The Elks Thursday 24th July 1980 The Elks
The Clones Monday 3rd November 1980 The Clones
Monday 22nd December 1980 Metro
Tuesday 23rd December 1980 Pel Mel
Tuesday 23rd December 1980 Wild West
Tuesday 23rd December 1980 Tactics
The Lonely Hearts Thursday 5th February 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Thursday 30th April 1981 The Innocents
Heaven Friday 26th June 1981 Heaven
The Lonely Hearts Friday 26th June 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Friday 27th November 1981 Local Product
Avion Friday 29th October 1982 Avion
Saturday 6th November 1982 Ya Ya Choral
Saturday 6th November 1982 Instant Unit
Saturday 6th November 1982 Wildlife Documentaries
The Bushwackers Thursday 18th November 1982 The Bushwackers
Redgum Saturday 20th November 1982 Redgum
Saturday 11th December 1982 Rat Salad
Saturday 22nd January 1983 Hardcase
The Bushwackers Thursday 27th January 1983 The Bushwackers
Friday 28th January 1983 The Introverts
Hoodoo Gurus Saturday 29th January 1983 Hoodoo Gurus
Dropbears Saturday 12th February 1983 Dropbears
Saturday 12th February 1983 The Remarkables
Friday 1st July 1983 Non Stop Dancers
Strange Tenants Friday 1st July 1983 Strange Tenants
Saturday 2nd July 1983 Two Bob Watch
Saturday 2nd July 1983 Bel Aires