Corner Hotel

Richmond, VIC

23 Known Gigs for Corner Hotel

Date Band
Spaniards Saturday 3rd May 1986 Spaniards
Friday 1st August 1986 Party Girls
Spaniards Saturday 2nd August 1986 Spaniards
Boom Crash Opera Sunday 3rd August 1986 Boom Crash Opera
Spaniards Saturday 6th September 1986 Spaniards
Spaniards Saturday 4th October 1986 Spaniards
Spaniards Saturday 11th October 1986 Spaniards
Saturday 1st November 1986 John Justin & The Thunderwings
Weddings Parties Anything Monday 3rd November 1986 Weddings Parties Anything
Weddings Parties Anything Friday 16th October 1987 Weddings Parties Anything
Mark Seymour Friday 16th October 1987 Mark Seymour
Friday 16th October 1987 Nick Barker
The Reels Saturday 17th October 1987 The Reels
Sunday 18th October 1987 The Astro's
Thursday 22nd October 1987 Janz
Saturday 24th October 1987 Cattletruck
Spaniards Saturday 21st January 1989 Spaniards
Richard Clapton Monday 23rd January 1989 Richard Clapton
Boom Crash Opera Friday 27th January 1989 Boom Crash Opera
The Reels Saturday 2nd September 1989 The Reels
Saturday 2nd September 1989 Girl Overboard
Sunday 3rd September 1989 Jimi The Human & Spectre 7
Sunday 3rd September 1989 Roxus