Broderick Smith

Broderick Smith Broderick Smith was born on the 17th of February 1948 in Hertfordshire, England

Broderick's current age is 69.

Broderick Smith is known to have been a member of 5 bands

Name Instruments Period
Adderley Smith Blues Band Adderley Smith Blues Band Harmonica/Vocals 1966 - 1968 (More...)
Carson Carson Lead Vocals/Harmonica 1971 - 1973 (More...)
The Dingoes The Dingoes Vocals, Harmonica 1973 - 1978 (More...)
Broderick Smiths Big Combo Broderick Smiths Big Combo Vocals, Harmonica 1979 - 1982 (More...)
Broderick Smith Band Vocals, Harmonica (More...)

1 Known Gig for Broderick Smith

Date Venue City
Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney. NSW Saturday 10th December 1983 Governor's Pleasure The Rocks, Sydney, NSW