Broderick Smith

Broderick Smith Broderick Smith was born on the 17th of February 1948 in Hertfordshire, England

Broderick Smith is known to have been a member of 5 bands

Name Instruments Period
Adderley Smith Blues Band Adderley Smith Blues Band Harmonica/Vocals 1966 - 1968 (More...)
Carson Carson Lead Vocals/Harmonica 1971 - 1973 (More...)
The Dingoes The Dingoes Vocals, Harmonica 1973 - 1978 (More...)
Broderick Smiths Big Combo Broderick Smiths Big Combo Vocals, Harmonica 1979 - 1982 (More...)
Broderick Smith Band Vocals, Harmonica (More...)

7 Known Gigs for Broderick Smith

Date Venue City
Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney. NSW Saturday 10th December 1983 Governor's Pleasure The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 27th April 1985 Armadale Hotel Armadale, VIC
Saturday 6th September 1986 Parkview Hotel Fitzroy, VIC
Saturday 4th October 1986 Parkview Hotel Fitzroy, VIC
The Venue, St Kilda. VIC Saturday 1st November 1986 The Venue St Kilda, VIC
Saturday 8th November 1986 Parkview Hotel Fitzroy, VIC
Friday 1st September 1989 Retreat Hotel Brunswick, VIC