Wasted Daze

9 Gigs

9 Known Gigs for Wasted Daze

Date Venue City
Friday 18th March 1977 The Settlement Cippendale, NSW
Saturday 4th June 1977 Balmain Town Hall Balmain, NSW
Civic Hotel, Sydney. NSW Wednesday 24th May 1978 Civic Hotel Sydney, NSW
Stagedoor Tavern, Sydney. NSW Thursday 6th July 1978 Stagedoor Tavern Sydney, NSW
Paddington Town Hall, Paddington. NSW Friday 1st September 1978 Paddington Town Hall

Supporting The Angels

Paddington, NSW
Sydney Town Hall, Sydney. NSW Sunday 12th November 1978 Sydney Town Hall

Before The Bomb Ball

Sydney, NSW
Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW Tuesday 5th December 1978 Comb and Cutter Hotel

Supporting Bo Diddley

Blacktown, NSW
Civic Hotel, Sydney. NSW Saturday 9th December 1978 Civic Hotel

Supporting Bo Diddley

Sydney, NSW
Saturday 30th July 1983 Sefton Hotel Sefton, NSW