The Manzil Room

15 Springfield Avenue

Kings Cross, NSW

The Manzil Room, Kings Cross. NSW

162 Known Gigs for The Manzil Room

Date Band
Matt Finish Wednesday 24th December 1980 Matt Finish
Tuesday 28th April 1981 Jukes
Dynamic Hepnotics Saturday 2nd May 1981 Dynamic Hepnotics
XL Capris Thursday 17th December 1981 XL Capris
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 3rd July 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Thursday 12th August 1982 The Agents
Friday 5th November 1982 Bel Aires
Tuesday 9th November 1982 Iced Vovo's
Paul Kelly and The Dots Thursday 11th November 1982 Paul Kelly and The Dots
Avion Tuesday 23rd November 1982 Avion
Rupert B Saturday 22nd January 1983 Rupert B
Monday 24th January 1983 Iced Vovo's
The Affections Friday 11th February 1983 The Affections
Friday 11th February 1983 No Fixed Address
Strange Tenants Tuesday 15th February 1983 Strange Tenants
Wednesday 27th April 1983 Cocky Laura
Thursday 28th April 1983 Sardine v
Kevin Borich Friday 29th April 1983 Kevin Borich
Saturday 30th April 1983 No Nonsense
Monday 2nd May 1983 X-IT
Monday 2nd May 1983 Mysterons
Tuesday 3rd May 1983 Visionaire
Tuesday 3rd May 1983 The Wait
Friday 1st July 1983 Broderick Smith Band

Late show. 11 - 3.

Saturday 2nd July 1983 The Jets
Kevin Borich Express Saturday 2nd July 1983 Kevin Borich Express
Monday 4th July 1983 The Champions
Tuesday 5th July 1983 Party Girls
Wednesday 6th July 1983 Private Lives
Avion Friday 8th July 1983 Avion