18 Gigs

Parramatta, NSW

18 Known Gigs for Stallions

Date Band
Dear Enemy Tuesday 2nd October 1984 Dear Enemy
Friday 2nd May 1986 Coup De Grace
Dear Enemy Tuesday 18th November 1986 Dear Enemy
Thursday 9th April 1987 Perfect Strangers
Dragon Thursday 9th April 1987 Dragon
Electric Pandas Thursday 9th April 1987 Electric Pandas
Saturday 11th April 1987 Think Baby Think
Wa Wa Nee Wednesday 15th April 1987 Wa Wa Nee
Thursday 16th April 1987 Foreign Exchange
The Screaming Tribesmen Wednesday 22nd April 1987 The Screaming Tribesmen
Saturday 3rd October 1987 The Wanderers
John Paul Young Saturday 3rd October 1987 John Paul Young
The Booze Brothers Thursday 8th October 1987 The Booze Brothers
Friday 9th October 1987 Izzy Foreal & The Famous Nobodies
Flying Emus Thursday 28th January 1988 Flying Emus
Monday 29th February 1988 Loose Talk
Stormy Monday Saturday 12th March 1988 Stormy Monday
Friday 8th April 1988 Torrid Zone