Rooty Hill RSL

Rooty Hill RSL, Rooty Hill. NSW 25 Gigs

55 Sherbrooke Street

Rooty Hill, NSW

25 Known Gigs for Rooty Hill RSL

Date Band
Skyhooks Friday 3rd June 1977 Skyhooks
Peculiar Clerk Friday 3rd February 1984 Peculiar Clerk
Avion Sunday 13th May 1984 Avion
The Bleach Boys Saturday 6th October 1984 The Bleach Boys
Mirrored Image Friday 12th October 1984 Mirrored Image
Friday 26th April 1985 Non Stop Dancers
Jon English Tuesday 20th August 1985 Jon English
Marcia Hines Tuesday 20th August 1985 Marcia Hines
Bandanna Friday 6th December 1985 Bandanna
Geisha Friday 14th February 1986 Geisha
Friday 26th December 1986 Linda Barnes Band
Hunters & Collectors Sunday 4th October 1987 Hunters & Collectors
Friday 26th February 1988 Sons Of Beaches
Boom Crash Opera Friday 4th March 1988 Boom Crash Opera
John Williamson Sunday 27th March 1988 John Williamson
 Little River Band Friday 23rd September 1988 Little River Band
The Radiators Friday 13th January 1989 The Radiators
The Screaming Tribesmen Friday 20th January 1989 The Screaming Tribesmen
The Angels Saturday 28th November 2009 The Angels
The Angels Friday 22nd October 2010 The Angels
Black Label Friday 22nd October 2010 Black Label
Mad Cow Friday 21st March 2014 Mad Cow
Krazy Kat Saturday 27th May 2017 Krazy Kat
The Screaming Jets Saturday 18th August 2018 The Screaming Jets
Boom Crash Opera Saturday 18th August 2018 Boom Crash Opera