Hordern Pavillion

1 Driver Avenue

Moore Park, NSW

Hordern Pavillion, Moore Park. NSW

129 Known Gigs for Hordern Pavillion

Date Band
Saturday 17th April 1976 Taste

Supported Queen

Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Sunday 27th June 1976 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Sherbet Sunday 27th June 1976 Sherbet
Skyhooks Sunday 8th August 1976 Skyhooks
Sherbet Sunday 29th August 1976 Sherbet

Two shows 1:45 & 5:30.

Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Sunday 29th August 1976 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)

Two shows 1:45 & 5:30.

AC/DC Sunday 12th December 1976 AC/DC
Jon English Tuesday 10th May 1977 Jon English
Sherbet Sunday 12th June 1977 Sherbet
Sherbet Sunday 31st July 1977 Sherbet
The Angels Friday 9th December 1977 The Angels
Rose Tattoo Saturday 10th December 1977 Rose Tattoo
Skyhooks Saturday 10th December 1977 Skyhooks

Sydney Music Expo

Kevin Borich Saturday 10th December 1977 Kevin Borich
Cold Chisel Thursday 13th April 1978 Cold Chisel

Supporting Foreigner

Mondo Rock Sunday 19th August 1979 Mondo Rock
Mi-Sex Thursday 25th October 1979 Mi-Sex
Cold Chisel Tuesday 1st January 1980 Cold Chisel
The Radiators Friday 21st March 1980 The Radiators
Cold Chisel Sunday 31st August 1980 Cold Chisel

Hoadleys Battle Of The Sounds

Outline Saturday 6th September 1980 Outline
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Saturday 6th September 1980 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
The Angels Saturday 6th September 1980 The Angels
 Little River Band Friday 30th January 1981 Little River Band
Cold Chisel Sunday 1st March 1981 Cold Chisel
INXS Sunday 1st March 1981 INXS
Mi-Sex Friday 20th March 1981 Mi-Sex
John Farnham Thursday 23rd April 1981 John Farnham
Moving Pictures Sunday 9th May 1982 Moving Pictures
Wendy and The Rocketts Saturday 20th November 1982 Wendy and The Rocketts

Supporting Hall & Oats