Doyalson RSL

54 Gigs

Doyalson, NSW

54 Known Gigs for Doyalson RSL

Date Band
Rose Tattoo Tuesday 20th June 1978 Rose Tattoo
Mi-Sex Tuesday 6th February 1979 Mi-Sex
Icehouse Tuesday 3rd July 1979 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)

As Flowers

The Clones Tuesday 3rd July 1979 The Clones
Matt Finish Tuesday 18th September 1979 Matt Finish
Cold Chisel Tuesday 22nd January 1980 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Tuesday 26th February 1980 Cold Chisel
The Clones Tuesday 8th April 1980 The Clones
Matthew "Dutch" Tilders Tuesday 13th May 1980 Matthew "Dutch" Tilders
Mi-Sex Tuesday 27th May 1980 Mi-Sex
Loaded Dice Tuesday 10th June 1980 Loaded Dice
The Elks Sunday 15th June 1980 The Elks
Cold Chisel Tuesday 1st July 1980 Cold Chisel
The Elks Friday 25th July 1980 The Elks
Monday 3rd November 1980 The Heroes
Boys Tuesday 11th November 1980 Boys
INXS Tuesday 18th November 1980 INXS
Midnight Oil Tuesday 23rd December 1980 Midnight Oil
Cold Chisel Monday 18th May 1981 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Tuesday 19th May 1981 Cold Chisel
The Lonely Hearts Tuesday 23rd June 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Jimmy And The Boys Tuesday 15th September 1981 Jimmy And The Boys
The Lonely Hearts Tuesday 3rd November 1981 The Lonely Hearts
INXS Tuesday 10th November 1981 INXS
Sunday 3rd January 1982 NZpop
The Lonely Hearts Sunday 3rd January 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Mondo Rock Tuesday 12th January 1982 Mondo Rock
INXS Tuesday 9th February 1982 INXS
Cold Chisel Monday 22nd February 1982 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Tuesday 23rd February 1982 Cold Chisel