Didi's - Brookvale Hotel

44 Gigs

Brookvale, NSW

44 Known Gigs for Didi's - Brookvale Hotel

Date Band
Stormy Monday Wednesday 28th December 1983 Stormy Monday
Friday 30th December 1983 The Champions
Your Fanatics Monday 22nd April 1985 Your Fanatics
Strange Tenants Tuesday 23rd April 1985 Strange Tenants
Doug Parkinson Wednesday 24th April 1985 Doug Parkinson
Wednesday 1st May 1985 D.D. Smash
Spy Vs Spy Monday 9th June 1986 Spy Vs Spy
The Venetians Tuesday 1st July 1986 The Venetians
Geisha Tuesday 23rd September 1986 Geisha
Geisha Wednesday 24th September 1986 Geisha
Friday 2nd October 1987 Cruise Control
Saturday 10th October 1987 Beats Workin'
Saturday 9th April 1988 Fun In Acapulco
Baby Loves To Cha Cha Saturday 14th January 1989 Baby Loves To Cha Cha