Bondi Tram - Bondi Hotel

Bondi Tram - Bondi Hotel, Bondi Beach. NSW 15 Gigs

Campbell Parade

Bondi Beach, NSW

15 Known Gigs for Bondi Tram - Bondi Hotel

Date Band
Avion Wednesday 27th October 1982 Avion
Avion Wednesday 3rd November 1982 Avion
The Lonely Hearts Tuesday 9th November 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Birds Of Prey Saturday 11th December 1982 Birds Of Prey
Monday 24th January 1983 Hoi Polloi
Baby Loves To Cha Cha Friday 2nd May 1986 Baby Loves To Cha Cha
Friday 8th May 1987 Tall Tales And True
The Screaming Tribesmen Friday 8th May 1987 The Screaming Tribesmen
Saturday 9th May 1987 Party Girls
Saturday 9th May 1987 The Civilians
Thursday 14th May 1987 Eye Desire
The Undecided? Thursday 14th May 1987 The Undecided?

Mark Merton's first gig

Friday 15th May 1987 Fat Time
Friday 15th May 1987 Panic Poets
Vegimite Reggae Saturday 16th May 1987 Vegimite Reggae