Bayview Tavern

166 Victoria Rd

Gladesville, NSW

Bayview Tavern, Gladesville. NSW

AKA Banjo's

101 Known Gigs for Bayview Tavern

Date Band
Thursday 9th March 1989 Tommy Emmanuel Band
Friday 10th March 1989 Johnny Teen
Saturday 11th March 1989 Roaring Jack
Chasin The Train Sunday 12th March 1989 Chasin The Train
Tuesday 14th March 1989 Brett Keyser Band
Thursday 4th July 1991 Scoundrel
Thursday 4th July 1991 Tough Luxury
Judge Mercy Saturday 28th December 1991 Judge Mercy
Judge Mercy Friday 7th February 1992 Judge Mercy
Jellybean Jam Saturday 12th June 1999 Jellybean Jam
Bernard "Doc" Neeson Saturday 27th October 2012 Bernard "Doc" Neeson

Reportedly Doc's last solo gig.