Bernard "Doc" Neeson

Bernard "Doc" Neeson Bernard "Doc" Neeson was born on the 4th of January 1947 in Belfast, Ireland and died on the 4th of June 2014 aged 67

Bernard "Doc" Neeson is known to have been a member of 4 bands

Name Instruments Period
Moonshine Jug String Band Moonshine Jug String Band Guitar, Vocals 1971 - (More...)
The Angels The Angels Vocals 1976 - (More...)
Red Phoenix Red Phoenix Vocals (More...)
The Dinosaurs The Dinosaurs Vocals (More...)

2 Known Gigs for Bernard "Doc" Neeson

Date Venue City
Wednesday 10th November 2010 Notes Newtown, NSW
Bayview Tavern, Gladesville. NSW Saturday 27th October 2012 Bayview Tavern

Reportedly Doc's last solo gig.

Gladesville, NSW