Vauxhall Inn

Granville, NSW

12 Known Gigs for Vauxhall Inn

Date Band
Friday 11th February 1983 Black Haven
Thursday 31st December 1987 Red Shift
The Vagabonds Thursday 31st December 1987 The Vagabonds
Friday 1st January 1988 Double Dealer
Friday 1st January 1988 Stoker
Saturday 2nd January 1988 Daddy Strawhead
Wednesday 6th January 1988 Lucifer
Thursday 7th January 1988 TNT
Thursday 7th January 1988 Ground Zero
The Vagabonds Saturday 27th February 1988 The Vagabonds
Saturday 5th March 1988 Kakadu
The Vagabonds Saturday 5th March 1988 The Vagabonds