Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, Sydney. NSW 28 Gigs

Bennelong Point

Sydney, NSW

28 Known Gigs for Sydney Opera House

Date Band
Skyhooks Sunday 15th September 1974 Skyhooks

First Sydney Gig

With Sherbet

Greg Quill Thursday 15th May 1975 Greg Quill

Concert Hall

Richard Clapton Thursday 15th May 1975 Richard Clapton

Concert Hall

The Dingoes Thursday 15th May 1975 The Dingoes

Concert Hall

Ariel Sunday 14th September 1975 Ariel
Renee Geyer Sunday 21st September 1975 Renee Geyer
 Little River Band Sunday 5th October 1975 Little River Band

Music Room

 Little River Band Sunday 14th December 1975 Little River Band
Cold Chisel Saturday 18th December 1976 Cold Chisel

Bennelong Restaurant

Cold Chisel Friday 6th January 1978 Cold Chisel

Sydney Festival

Afternoon show

Stars Sunday 12th February 1978 Stars
Skyhooks Sunday 12th February 1978 Skyhooks

2SM Concert - Opera House Steps

 Little River Band Sunday 12th February 1978 Little River Band
The Sports Sunday 29th October 1978 The Sports
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Sunday 4th November 1979 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Skyhooks Sunday 4th November 1979 Skyhooks

Concert Of The Decade

Opera House Steps

Sherbet Sunday 4th November 1979 Sherbet
Mental As Anything Sunday 4th November 1979 Mental As Anything
Marcia Hines Sunday 4th November 1979 Marcia Hines
Mi-Sex Wednesday 14th November 1979 Mi-Sex
Ayers Rock Friday 22nd August 1980 Ayers Rock
Ol '55 Friday 22nd August 1980 Ol '55
The Clones Friday 22nd August 1980 The Clones
The Cockroaches Friday 22nd August 1980 The Cockroaches
Slim Dusty Thursday 7th April 1988 Slim Dusty
INXS Thursday 13th April 2006 INXS
Skyhooks Monday 27th July 2009 Skyhooks

Helpmann Awards

Greg Macainsh, Bob "Bongo" Starkie & Imants "Freddie" Strauks perform "Women In Uniform" with Jimmy Barnes & Mark Lizotte.

INXS Sunday 7th November 2010 INXS