Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Kings Domain, Linlithgow Avenue

Melbourne, VIC

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne. VIC

23 Known Gigs for Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Date Band
Skyhooks Sunday 20th April 1975 Skyhooks

With Bob Hudson & Richard Clapton

Skyhooks Wednesday 10th December 1975 Skyhooks

In The Heat Of The Night Tour

With Ol'55, Duster Bennett, & Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band

 Little River Band Monday 26th January 1976 Little River Band
 Little River Band Friday 5th March 1976 Little River Band
Cold Chisel Wednesday 15th November 1978 Cold Chisel

Supporting Peter Frampton

Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Friday 2nd March 1979 Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs
Split Enz Sunday 9th December 1979 Split Enz
The Angels Friday 27th February 1981 The Angels
Swanee Friday 27th February 1981 Swanee
AC/DC Friday 27th February 1981 AC/DC
Mondo Rock Friday 1st January 1982 Mondo Rock
Mondo Rock Friday 1st January 1982 Mondo Rock
Friday 1st January 1982 Rock Doctors
Cold Chisel Friday 1st January 1982 Cold Chisel
Moving Pictures Friday 1st January 1982 Moving Pictures
Men At Work Saturday 27th February 1982 Men At Work
 Little River Band Friday 24th December 1982 Little River Band

Carols By Candlelight

INXS Sunday 13th February 1983 INXS

Stop The Drop

 Little River Band Friday 4th March 1983 Little River Band
Uncanny X Men Friday 16th December 1983 Uncanny X Men
The Models Friday 16th December 1983 The Models
Split Enz Friday 16th December 1983 Split Enz
 Little River Band Monday 28th January 1985 Little River Band