Prospect Hill Hotel

Prospect Hill Hotel, Kew. VIC 241 Gigs

Kew, VIC

241 Known Gigs for Prospect Hill Hotel

Date Band
Redgum Wednesday 19th May 1982 Redgum
The Dugites Thursday 20th May 1982 The Dugites
Goanna Saturday 22nd May 1982 Goanna
The Models Sunday 23rd May 1982 The Models
Uncanny X Men Monday 24th May 1982 Uncanny X Men
The Church Tuesday 25th May 1982 The Church
Wednesday 26th May 1982 The Runners
Goanna Friday 11th June 1982 Goanna
Mother Goose Sunday 13th June 1982 Mother Goose
Monday 14th June 1982 The Runners
Monday 14th June 1982 Liquid Engineers
Heaven Tuesday 15th June 1982 Heaven
Machinations Wednesday 16th June 1982 Machinations
Goanna Saturday 19th June 1982 Goanna
Monday 21st June 1982 Liquid Engineers
Monday 21st June 1982 The Runners
Dynamic Hepnotics Wednesday 23rd June 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
Thursday 24th June 1982 Matt Taylor Band
Friday 25th June 1982 Phil Manning Band
Goanna Saturday 26th June 1982 Goanna
The Radiators Sunday 27th June 1982 The Radiators
Monday 28th June 1982 Liquid Engineers
Wendy and The Rocketts Tuesday 29th June 1982 Wendy and The Rocketts
Wednesday 30th June 1982 Young Home Buyers
Kevin Borich Express Thursday 1st July 1982 Kevin Borich Express
Goanna Saturday 10th July 1982 Goanna
Saturday 10th July 1982 Liquid Engineers


Brian Cadd Sunday 11th July 1982 Brian Cadd
Ward 13 Sunday 11th July 1982 Ward 13
Sunday 11th July 1982 Tour De Force