Pier Hotel

Nepean Highway

Frankston, VIC

63 Known Gigs for Pier Hotel

Date Band
Thursday 13th March 1980 Bill Miller's Great Blokes
Kevin Borich Thursday 13th March 1980 Kevin Borich
Jeff St John Friday 14th March 1980 Jeff St John
Saturday 15th March 1980 Bone Lazy
Gillian Eastoe Saturday 15th March 1980 Gillian Eastoe
Sherbet Sunday 16th March 1980 Sherbet

As Sherbs

Skyhooks Thursday 20th March 1980 Skyhooks
Icehouse Friday 21st March 1980 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)

As Flowers

Friday 21st March 1980 Bone Lazy
Stockley See & Mason Saturday 22nd March 1980 Stockley See & Mason
 Little River Band Friday 9th May 1980 Little River Band
Cold Chisel Sunday 15th June 1980 Cold Chisel
Ayers Rock Saturday 19th July 1980 Ayers Rock
INXS Saturday 19th July 1980 INXS

Afternoon show

Cold Chisel Sunday 3rd August 1980 Cold Chisel
INXS Sunday 17th August 1980 INXS
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 30th August 1980 The Lonely Hearts

Afternoon Show

Cold Chisel Thursday 22nd January 1981 Cold Chisel
INXS Sunday 8th March 1981 INXS
Cold Chisel Saturday 2nd May 1981 Cold Chisel
INXS Sunday 27th September 1981 INXS
INXS Friday 4th December 1981 INXS
Mondo Rock Sunday 3rd January 1982 Mondo Rock
Mental As Anything Sunday 24th January 1982 Mental As Anything
Men At Work Friday 26th February 1982 Men At Work
INXS Sunday 7th March 1982 INXS
INXS Friday 10th September 1982 INXS
The Little Heroes Monday 1st November 1982 The Little Heroes
Paul Kelly and The Dots Saturday 13th November 1982 Paul Kelly and The Dots
Max Merritt Sunday 14th November 1982 Max Merritt