Pier Hotel

108 Gigs

Nepean Highway

Frankston, VIC

108 Known Gigs for Pier Hotel

Date Band
Uncanny X Men Sunday 14th February 1982 Uncanny X Men
Moving Pictures Friday 19th February 1982 Moving Pictures
Sunday 21st February 1982 Jeff St John Band
Matthew "Dutch" Tilders Sunday 21st February 1982 Matthew "Dutch" Tilders
Billy Miller Thursday 25th February 1982 Billy Miller
Men At Work Friday 26th February 1982 Men At Work
Dear Enemy Saturday 27th February 1982 Dear Enemy
Marcia Hines Sunday 28th February 1982 Marcia Hines
INXS Sunday 7th March 1982 INXS
Russell Morris and The Rubes Friday 19th March 1982 Russell Morris and The Rubes
Serious Young Insects Saturday 20th March 1982 Serious Young Insects
Midnight Oil Sunday 21st March 1982 Midnight Oil
The Dugites Friday 16th April 1982 The Dugites
Uncanny X Men Thursday 22nd April 1982 Uncanny X Men
Goanna Friday 23rd April 1982 Goanna
Uncanny X Men Thursday 29th April 1982 Uncanny X Men
Hunters & Collectors Saturday 1st May 1982 Hunters & Collectors
Mi-Sex Friday 14th May 1982 Mi-Sex
Saturday 15th May 1982 The Runners
Sunday 16th May 1982 The Foster Brothers
Russell Morris and The Rubes Saturday 22nd May 1982 Russell Morris and The Rubes
Sherbet Sunday 23rd May 1982 Sherbet
Thursday 17th June 1982 Bengal Tigers
Heaven Thursday 17th June 1982 Heaven
Goanna Friday 18th June 1982 Goanna
Broderick Smiths Big Combo Saturday 19th June 1982 Broderick Smiths Big Combo
Heaven Thursday 24th June 1982 Heaven
Thursday 24th June 1982 Bengal Tigers
Matt Taylor Friday 25th June 1982 Matt Taylor
Dynamic Hepnotics Saturday 26th June 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics