Hunters Humpy

13 Gigs

Sydney, NSW

13 Known Gigs for Hunters Humpy

Date Band
INXS Saturday 15th December 1979 INXS
Skyhooks Sunday 30th December 1979 Skyhooks
The Clones Thursday 3rd January 1980 The Clones
The Clones Wednesday 6th February 1980 The Clones
Ayers Rock Sunday 24th February 1980 Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock Sunday 2nd March 1980 Ayers Rock
Saturday 12th April 1980 Crackajacks

Afternoon show.

Wednesday 11th June 1980 The Shots
Wednesday 11th June 1980 Wide Open
Saturday 14th June 1980 Night Flight
The Lonely Hearts Friday 27th June 1980 The Lonely Hearts
Ward 13 Friday 11th July 1980 Ward 13
The Lonely Hearts Friday 11th July 1980 The Lonely Hearts