Enfield Boulevard Hotel

67 Gigs

Enfield, NSW

67 Known Gigs for Enfield Boulevard Hotel

Date Band
Thursday 6th September 1979 Azure
Wednesday 12th September 1979 Headfirst
Matt Finish Thursday 27th September 1979 Matt Finish
Gillian Eastoe Wednesday 28th November 1979 Gillian Eastoe
The Clones Thursday 27th March 1980 The Clones
INXS Wednesday 25th June 1980 INXS
INXS Wednesday 30th July 1980 INXS
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 18th October 1980 The Lonely Hearts
INXS Wednesday 10th December 1980 INXS
Dave Warner Saturday 11th April 1981 Dave Warner
Boys Wednesday 29th April 1981 Boys
Icehouse Wednesday 13th May 1981 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)

As Flowers

The Little Heroes Wednesday 13th May 1981 The Little Heroes
Thursday 14th May 1981 Boss
Saturday 16th May 1981 Ducktail
The Lonely Hearts Wednesday 27th May 1981 The Lonely Hearts
INXS Wednesday 10th June 1981 INXS
INXS Wednesday 14th October 1981 INXS
Wednesday 25th November 1981 Mickey Finn
Wednesday 9th December 1981 QV's
The Lonely Hearts Wednesday 9th December 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Machinations Wednesday 16th December 1981 Machinations
Tuesday 2nd February 1982 QV's
The Lonely Hearts Tuesday 2nd February 1982 The Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 20th March 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Divinyls Wednesday 5th May 1982 Divinyls
The Little Heroes Wednesday 21st July 1982 The Little Heroes
The Lonely Hearts Wednesday 21st July 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Mad Gorilla Saturday 14th August 1982 Mad Gorilla
Wednesday 18th August 1982 Flaming Hands