Croxton Park Hotel

Croxton Park Hotel, Thornbury. VIC 64 Gigs

607 High Street

Thornbury, VIC

64 Known Gigs for Croxton Park Hotel

Date Band
Saturday 16th September 1978 Rock Steady
Cold Chisel Friday 27th October 1978 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Thursday 11th January 1979 Cold Chisel
Friday 9th February 1979 Mike Rudd's Instant Replay
Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Sunday 4th March 1979 Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs
Skyhooks Sunday 18th March 1979 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Friday 6th April 1979 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Friday 4th May 1979 Skyhooks
Mother Goose Friday 15th June 1979 Mother Goose
Skyhooks Friday 1st February 1980 Skyhooks
Mental As Anything Friday 23rd May 1980 Mental As Anything
Icehouse Friday 23rd May 1980 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)
Saturday 19th July 1980 Smack
Dear Enemy Friday 5th February 1982 Dear Enemy
Dear Enemy Friday 19th February 1982 Dear Enemy
Men At Work Friday 23rd April 1982 Men At Work
Dear Enemy Wednesday 28th April 1982 Dear Enemy
Swanee Friday 30th April 1982 Swanee
Dear Enemy Wednesday 19th May 1982 Dear Enemy
Uncanny X Men Friday 11th June 1982 Uncanny X Men
Dear Enemy Friday 18th June 1982 Dear Enemy
Friday 25th June 1982 D.D. Smash
Mondo Rock Friday 9th July 1982 Mondo Rock
Matthew "Dutch" Tilders Friday 16th July 1982 Matthew "Dutch" Tilders
Goanna Friday 23rd July 1982 Goanna
Stormy Monday Saturday 24th July 1982 Stormy Monday
Uncanny X Men Friday 30th July 1982 Uncanny X Men
The Dugites Friday 30th July 1982 The Dugites
Stormy Monday Saturday 31st July 1982 Stormy Monday
Russell Morris and The Rubes Friday 6th August 1982 Russell Morris and The Rubes