Chester Hill Hotel

16 Gigs

Chester Hill, NSW

16 Known Gigs for Chester Hill Hotel

Date Band
The Clones Thursday 12th June 1980 The Clones

Evening Show

Peculiar Clerk Friday 20th June 1980 Peculiar Clerk
The Clones Friday 11th July 1980 The Clones

Early Show

The Clones Monday 11th August 1980 The Clones
Friday 15th August 1980 The Eyes
The Clones Monday 18th August 1980 The Clones
The Clones Monday 25th August 1980 The Clones
Thursday 13th November 1980 The Automatix
Peculiar Clerk Friday 21st August 1981 Peculiar Clerk
Peculiar Clerk Friday 28th August 1981 Peculiar Clerk
Thursday 26th November 1981 The Idols
The Generation Sunday 21st April 1985 The Generation
Friday 26th April 1985 Bobby Sox
The Generation Sunday 28th April 1985 The Generation
The Zarsoff Brothers Friday 4th March 1988 The Zarsoff Brothers
The Zarsoff Brothers Friday 11th March 1988 The Zarsoff Brothers