Astra Hotel

70 Gigs

Bondi, NSW

70 Known Gigs for Astra Hotel

Date Band
Rose Tattoo Friday 29th June 1979 Rose Tattoo
The Lonely Hearts Friday 29th June 1979 The Lonely Hearts
The Clones Sunday 16th September 1979 The Clones
Matt Finish Sunday 30th September 1979 Matt Finish
Sunday 7th October 1979 Street Level
Wednesday 10th October 1979 Danger Dancer
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 27th October 1979 The Lonely Hearts
Thursday 22nd November 1979 Blades
INXS Sunday 24th February 1980 INXS
Friday 29th February 1980 Little Ashley and The Incurables
Saturday 1st March 1980 Speed Limit
Sunday 2nd March 1980 Stockade
The Clones Sunday 9th March 1980 The Clones
Friday 11th April 1980 Fragile
Ray Arnott and the Rude Dudes Sunday 13th April 1980 Ray Arnott and the Rude Dudes
INXS Sunday 20th April 1980 INXS
The Elks Sunday 18th May 1980 The Elks
Sunday 15th June 1980 Street Level
The Clones Thursday 17th July 1980 The Clones
Sunday 27th July 1980 The 88's
Mad Gorilla Friday 29th August 1980 Mad Gorilla
Sunday 21st September 1980 Street Level
Mad Gorilla Thursday 25th September 1980 Mad Gorilla
Sunday 5th October 1980 Street Level
Mad Gorilla Wednesday 29th October 1980 Mad Gorilla
Saturday 8th November 1980 Metro
INXS Sunday 14th December 1980 INXS
The Lonely Hearts Sunday 4th January 1981 The Lonely Hearts
INXS Sunday 25th January 1981 INXS
Sunnyboys Sunday 5th July 1981 Sunnyboys