Stephen Cummings

Stephen Cummings Stephen Cummings was born on the 13th of September 1954 in Melbourne, Vic

Stephen's current age is 64.

Born Stephen Donald Cummings

Stephen Cummings is known to have been a member of 3 bands

Name Instruments Period
The Pelaco Brothers Vocals 1974 - 1975 (More...)
The Sports The Sports Vocals 1976 - 1981 (More...)
Stephen Cummings Band (More...)

10 Known Gigs for Stephen Cummings

Date Venue City
Friday 12th August 1983 Central Club Hotel Richmond, VIC
Prospect Hill Hotel, Kew. VIC Tuesday 20th December 1983 Prospect Hill Hotel Kew, VIC
The Tivoli, Sydney. NSW Thursday 29th December 1983 The Tivoli Sydney, NSW
Saturday 2nd August 1986 Middle Park Hotel Middle Park, VIC
Friday 5th September 1986 Central Club Hotel Richmond, VIC
Saturday 6th September 1986 The Club Collingwood, VIC
Friday 3rd October 1986 The Club Collingwood, VIC
Saturday 4th October 1986 Village Green Hotel Mulgrave, VIC
Friday 16th October 1987 Razor Melbourne, VIC
Friday 1st September 1989 Royal Derby Hotel Fitzroy, VIC